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Budget Suites of America

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Guest Internet User Agreement

BUDGET SUITES OF AMERICA herein known as BUDGET SUITES (Service) Agrees to provide User with those services as set forth at the time of User's sign-up and User herein agrees to abide by the following terms and conditions. In the event of a violation of the below terms and conditions, BUDGET SUITES reserves the right to suspend or terminate User's account immediately, without notice. If User does not agree to be bound by the below terms and conditions, User will not be granted access to the service. By applying their Username and Password in the login screen, the User has agreed in whole to all terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement. The User shall become solely responsible for the proper use of this Internet service. If User does not agree to these Terms of Use, User's sole and exclusive remedy will be to terminate and discontinue your use of the Service.

BUDGET SUITES offers no warranty or guarantee regarding the Internet service, either express or implied including any implied warranty of merchantability. BUDGET SUITES does not guarantee that the service will be uninterrupted or error free or exercises no control whatsoever over the content of information that is passed through the system.

User shall assume responsibility for all content distributed, accessed, or viewed while connected to BUDGET SUITES service. Under no circumstance shall BUDGET SUITES be held liable for User's actions while using the service. In the event of a court order or subpoena, BUDGET SUITES will provide any and all requested information concerning User and User's computer use.

Under no circumstances shall BUDGET SUITES, or its providers, employees, owners, manager, affiliates, or vendors be liable for any damages, which result in any way from User's use or inability to use the service or any part thereof. BUDGET SUITES shall not be liable or deemed to be in default for any delay or failure in performance under this Agreement or interruption of service. This includes all direct and indirect damages, special, punitive or consequential damages that may result from peak bandwidth periods, errors, delays in the service, deletion of files, viruses, theft, or alteration of User's computer.

User must provide valid identification with a clear and identifiable photo representing that User is 18 years of age or older, or is under direct supervision of a parent or guardian while using service. User understands that certain materials available on the Internet may not be suitable for individuals under the age of 18 and that BUDGET SUITES is not responsible for said content.

User understands that the Internet contains unedited materials some of which are sexually explicit or may be offensive. User accesses such materials at their own risk. BUDGET SUITES shall have no control over and accepts no responsibility whatsoever for such materials.

User agrees not to post any of the following restricted contents or activities: Illegal, abusive, or unethical material including, but not limited to, pornography, obscenity, and nudity; violate privacy; engage in hacking, transmit or post computer viruses, engage in gambling or the promotion of gambling, and any harassing or harmful materials or uses, as determined in the sole discretionary opinion of BUDGET SUITES. User understands that the following, but not limited to, restrictions shall apply:
    USER MAY NOT: (Additional restrictions may be added at anytime by BUDGET SUITES)
    1. Send SPAM, bulk email, post offensive, obscene, abusive or harmful material, or threatening language 
        including but not limited to, disseminating said material to newsgroups or chat sites.
    2. Use personal FTP, post or transmit viruses or harmful components.      
    3. Transmit or download any unauthorized copyrighted material without written permission.
    4. Use BUDGET SUITES server to post business sites.
    5. Attempt to violate the security of any computer network or personal computer.
    6. Engage in any illegal activity. 
    7. Gamble. 
User agrees to indemnify and hold BUDGET SUITES harmless from any and all claims resulting from User's publications or use of illegal, offensive, abusive or unethical materials. BUDGET SUITES reserves the right to refuse to post or to remove any information or materials, in whole or in part, that, in its sole and absolute discretion, are unacceptable, undesirable, or in violation of this Agreement.

The right to use the BUDGET SUITES service is non-transferable. Accounts are for User's use only.

This service does not have or is advertised as unlimited bandwidth. BUDGET SUITES reserves the right to have User transfer a website if an excessive amount of bandwidth is being used. User understands that unlimited service does not mean dedicated service. User may be blocked and forced to upgrade to continue service if their limited account is used as a dedicated connection. User understands that some services may be offered as limited.

BUDGET SUITES reserves the right to cancel service for any reason without prior notice.

Information transmitted through BUDGET SUITES is not confidential. BUDGET SUITES does not guarantee privacy or protection of any User. BUDGET SUITES reserves the right to monitor any User's transmissions.

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Nevada and the United States of America without regard to any conflicts of law provisions. Venue for litigation of any dispute, controversy, or claim arising out of, in connection with, or in relation to this Agreement, or the breach thereof, shall be brought in the State of Nevada. In any action brought by BUDGET SUITES to enforce any of the terms of this Agreement, BUDGET SUITES shall be entitled to recover expenses, including costs and reasonable attorney's fees. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between User and BUDGET SUITES Companies with respect to the Service.

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